Partnerships for Development

Foto: WB Photo Collection

CAD advises governments, international organizations, private companies and civil society organizations throughout the whole lifecycle of managing strategic partnerships for development.

CAD uses different methodologies to promote a better management of partnerships for development. The key ones are the following:

The Partnership Resource Matrix (PRM)®: An initiative that identifies key strategic partners, values the resources and contributions they can bring to a project, creates a collaboration framework that combines different interests to common goals and helps design a roadmap and an action plan between distinct cross-sector actors.

Figure 1: The Partnership Resource Matrix (PRM)®


The Life Cycle of Strategic Partnerships (LCSP): Tool designed to provide support to different organizations in the design, implementation, management, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of partnerships for development.

Figure 2: The Life Cycle of Strategic Partnerships (LCSP)

Source: The Partnering Initiative

Training and promotion of capabilities for partnership management: CAD promotes capacity building and institutional strengthening for partnership management through workshops and training programs. CAD experts have designed and implemented several capacity building programmes that enhance the capabilities of organizations in managing and implementing partnerships for development.