Green Economy and Climate change

Foto: João Pedro Barbosa

The fight against climate change and the transition towards a green economy are among the key challenges of today. In order to achieve economies adapted and ready for the future it is necessary to include Green Economy as cross-cutting theme in development strategies, ensuring that it contributes to a greener economy as well as to poverty reduction and job creation.

CAD is advising governments, companies and international organizations in adapting their economies to climate change, offering the following services:

  • Market and Feasibility Studies for Green Economy and Climate Change

Through strategic feasibility studies, CAD assesses the possibilities and the specific set-up for the development of services that enhance Green Economy, considering different technical and economic implications, as well as the potential of new services and business models adapted to the country’s potential.

  • Economic Impact Analysis of Green Economy

While CAD, through its strategic partners, relies on all technical experience from infrastructure development to energy efficiency, it is specialized on analysing the economic impacts of Green Economy with a special focus on economic growth, poverty eradication, employment generation and inclusivity.

  • Greening SMEs

With its special emphasis on supporting SMEs in developing countries, CAD has developed trainings and specific contents for greening SMEs. CAD experts provide training for resource efficiency in SMEs under Profitable Environmental Management (PREMA) and support international and business organizations to develop training tools for SMEs adapted to the specific situation of a sector or country context.

  • Creation of cross-sector partnership strategies to promote Green Economy and combat Climate Change

CAD promotes cross-sector partnerships to achieve additional financial, technical and knowledge sources for governments, technical support and additional funding for civil society and to share risk management and private sector expectations.

  • Access to Financing Options for Climate Change

To analyse the complex nature of the great diversity of funding that exists and to provide knowledge and access thereto, CAD supports public and private organizations in developing funding strategies for climate change.